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Post by Admin on Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:12 pm

Note... This does not apply to customers that have already purchased the bot. This only applies to future customers.

Unfortunately, I have decided to go to a monthly subscription model. I am sorry everyone Sad.

A little bit of a back story..... I created this bot for myself a little while back and wanted to share it with others. I then improved it slowly and started selling it for a low price. I am now overwhelmed with supporting it and am getting tired of doing so without compensation. On top of that it makes me not really want to do any new features. Going to a monthly model will allow me to be more proactive for everyone and it will allow me to work on getting more updates out to everyone faster. So while I really am sorry that I have made this decision, I also believe it will benefit everyone in the long run including me. Hopefully everyone will understand, and if you enjoy my hard work you can donate to say thanks! I hope you enjoy the bot and I hope that I can make it even better for you Smile


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