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Just wanting to keep everyone up to speed on whats going on. Last little bit I have had some family drama so I have not been working a bunch on J-Bot sorry guys! But I am still working little bit at a time, I will try to get going again soon. Might be after the holidays before I really sink some time into this but I will try to do a little before that too Smile. I am currently working on getting Paypal payments set up and they are quite annoying. There is about 100 different ways to do things with only about 5 of them that work for me and none of them are complete in terms of how to do it. Yeah... Not a big fan of paypal development..... Use the stripe button guys.... So much happier with them. But I finally believe i figured out how to do it, only problem is to test it I cannot use ports. Meaning, i have to make a work around just to test their stupid payment system or test on the server hahahaha..... So thats just a heads up what I am currently trying to finish and then I am going to jump on the Knights having an issue. I am still a bit confused on what is going on with that. The way it is set up healing should be done first before anything else so I am not sure why there is an issue. If anything I would believe that mana potions would be an issue. And I do not have a knight to test what is going on. So what I am going to have to do is set up a knight on a ot server and test on there. There are some stuff I need to do to make the healing/mana potions a lot better tho and that is to put a mana amount for the heals. So if you are using spells it is not trying to spam healing when you have no mana. I might also do a little work on a if else approach on healing potions. If you have > 10% mana use a healing spell, if not then use this potion. Would that make sense? The way it is set up right now allows 3 heals, and the reason being is to allow a small heal (Usually a spell). Then a bigger heal spell or potion and then a great potion if all else fails and you need to get out of harms way.


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