J-Bot is not safe anymore!

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J-Bot is not safe anymore!

Post by ReptileReX on Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:42 am


I want to share some information with author so maybe he will figure out how tibia anti-cheat works and will update J-Bot somehow.

Some days ago I wanted to back playing Tibia after like 1 year of break.
I've installed the newest tibia client, maps from tibiamaps.io and nothing more (no other tibia staff)

I also bought subscription for J-Bot, downloaded it and also changed name of J-Bot file manually (just to be more "safe").

Then I decided to login into my account and was doing random staff like cleaning depot... walking... etc (no even hunting)
J-Bot was running in background and wasn't even forced to simulate pressing any hotkey (because I wasn't loosing HP / MP)

After like 10 minutes I logout and went sleep... at the next day I've bought premium account and login into my account (without J-Bot) ... did like few steps and I got kicked.
It was this moment I realized that my account has been deleted.

Dear Tibia Player,

An automatic check of your Tibia account containing character "XXX" has shown that unofficial software was used on it to play the game. Consequently, the account has been deleted instantly. Please note that using unofficial software is a very serious rule violation, hence the drastic punishment.

If you would like to go on playing Tibia, please create a new account and start over. However, if you do so, we strongly recommend you make sure to study the
Tibia Rules carefully and make sure not to violate them again. If you follow them at all times, you may be
sure not to lose your new Tibia account again.

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team

I tried to contact CipSoft and get my account undeleted but here is their statement:


Thank you for your request.

A check of your account has shown that unofficial software was used on it to play Tibia. We have reviewed the deletion carefully, but I am sorry to say we have found it was justified. I am afraid we are not prepared to revoke it.

Please note that we cannot give you any further details concerning the check procedure. However, rest assured that the deletion of your account was not based exclusively on reports by other players.

Please note that this is the last reply we can send you in this matter.

Kind regards,
Tibia Customer Support

Please make sure not to delete the subject line of your request until your
problem has been solved!

Tibia®️ - a massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Copyright ©️ 1996-2018 CipSoft GmbH. All rights reserved.

So in my opinion battleye is scanning processes which you are running and is searching for known signatures.
You can't download J-Bot without paying but there is no problem to buy it for few dollars just to implement new bot signature (what probably happened)

So I guess it actually doesn't care a lot about process name, randomization of hotkeys or time randomization (but it can also scan things like this)...
It is mainly searching for known bot signatures and thats why making safe and public bot is currently unenforceable because it will be added to something like "blacklist" soon.

Maybe random obsfucation / encoding of J-Bot would be more safe?

For example:
Sub-program which will randomly encode / obsfucate J-Bot at every single run.

So in theory they can't find signature for J-Bot because it will be different every time.

Sad to inform that I'm already done with my account (300+ MS and 220+ EK) Sad
However I hope my knowledge and my case will help someone Smile


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Re: J-Bot is not safe anymore!

Post by dloadd on Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:18 am

You just listed exactly how BattlEye works, everybody knows BE doesnt care about randomization or .exe names. They are way more advanced than that.

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