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Post by Admin on Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:10 pm

Hey Guys,

I am getting a few people dispute charges against J-Bot.... I want to make a post because I want to explain a few things.

1) I have no problem refunding anything you guys are unhappy with. I am not here to make money. I only am trying to put a little money behind it just so I can be motivated to keep developing this.

2) Every time someone disputes a charge I get charged around 17 dollars because of the dispute. That is a lot of people subscribing to just cover 1 disputed person....

Come on guys, I am not scamming anyone, I am willing to give you your money back too if you are unhappy. If you do like J-Bot support me, if you do not then just let me know. I am working to resolve the current battle eye fix. If you guys are unhappy with J-Bot then I will just shut it down and be done with it. Don't cause harm to a little bot that was not designed to make money. I released this bot so that people could enjoy what I created, I love using it and wanted the community to also enjoy it. Send a ticket to support@J-Bot.net to request a refund.

Battle Eye Issues

I am working on getting this fixed guys, please give me some time. If you guys feel like you deserve a refund for now until it gets fixed send a email to support@j-bot.net I will refund you! Again, this is for people unhappy, if you enjoy the bot and really want to get it to work and support me developing it then please hang in there Smile. I promise I will try and make it up to you guys as soon as I can!


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