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Hey Everyone,

I want to apologize for my disappearance for awhile. I have noticed that people are starting to get banned a lot for the bot and I wanted to go ahead and update the website to state that it is not safe with battle eye. I am sorry guys for not keeping up with battle eye. Since I started J-Bot I have not made very much money at all. I made the bot because I wanted people to enjoy tibia as a mage without having to go through all of the deaths I did when I first started out. I wanted to create something to help you survive but also still made you play the game. I wanted to make the game even more enjoyable for everyone and try to get even more people to play tibia. I was not trying to make money off of this bot, I was only trying to give myself motivation to keep working on it. Since J-Bot has been out I am going to be straight with you guys, I have made less money than I make in a week at my current job. And I have had J-Bot out for a few years. i have spent more time on this bot than I have ever thought i would. At this point I cannot get the time or even the motivation to fight to keep it alive not to mention people are also starting to pirate the bot so that doesn't help.

When tibia started detecting J-Bot tibia was not banning people but only kicking them off of the game, so when they detected J-Bot I would just make updates and make it not detectable again until the next time. Unfortunately they have finally gotten to the point of upon detection they insta ban. Along side that effort to keep J-Bot updated I started down the path of making J-Bot recompile itself on the fly and recode itself so that it would be impossible for anything to ever pin point that it is a bot. The problem is that this effort would take a lot of time to do and then i would also still hit another road block, and that road block would be that some people still could be detected if the bot didn't act natural enough. So then i would have to advance the logic to make it more human like. All of these changes would take a lot of time to code. One problem is I havent even been playing tibia in quite a few months. Second problem is I make absolutely no money off J-Bot. I really do wish I could of made J-Bot work for everyone but I just don't have the time anymore and/or the motivation.

First off I want to apologize to a lot of people for two different reasons.
1) I want to apologize to everyone that has been banned because I have failed you. I am so sorry, I for one am upset that you have been banned because of my failure so i cant even imagine how upset you are. I hope you will forgive me and I hope you still find a way to enjoy tibia because It really is a great game.

2) I want to apologize to everyone that has not been banned but really wants to enjoy the game. I am going to be honest with you, I have been playing tibia for around 13+ years (off and on). And the most I have ever played tibia is when I created J-Bot. I was a druid and I died so many times because of just how easy it is to die as a druid/sorc. And of course you dont want to use mana shield because it just burns your money so fast. I had given up many times because of deaths that just made me so angry. And then you would see a knight walk by and have no problem leveling and wouldnt have to worry about dying. Or of course someone was botting. I finally created a bot that allowed me to play the game and not have to worry about death as much; I could still die, but it was safe to fight some of the stronger creatures without fearing death. Before the bot I had died twice in a row on the same day. I was finally happy to play tibia, I was enjoying everything about it and not letting it play for me, but to help me overcome some of the biggest issues about being a caster.

So again I apologize for failing you guys, I feel like I have failed everyone and hope that you guys will forgive me.

I have updated the website to state that the bot does not work with battle eye and made it red. I will keep the website open for people who do not use it on battle eye servers. Either ots or whatever others are using it for. Thank you guys for being so loyal and using J-bot! I hope you guys enjoy tibia!


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